Anna Nooshin Pericarp

Collaboration with Anna Nooshin

At Pericarp Beauty, we are always looking for ways to share our passion for natural, pure, and sustainable skincare. Therefore, we are proud of our recent collaboration with influencer Anna Nooshin. This partnership has helped us extend our reach and share the unique benefits of our products with a broader audience.

The Collaboration

During this collaboration, Anna Nooshin tested our Organic Cranberry Seed Oil and Organic Cranberry Seed Exfoliant Powder and shared her experiences with her followers. Her feedback was overwhelmingly positive, reinforcing our mission to deliver high-quality, natural products. 


Anna using pericarp

"Lifesaver voor als ik zo veel vlieg"

- Anna Nooshin 

Anna Nooshin using Cranberry seed oil on Belly

"Deze verlicht zo erg deze olie"

- Anna Nooshin 

Anna Nooshin using Cranberry seed oil

"Oil is key to my daily skincare"

- Anna Nooshin