Frequently asked questions

Can I only use the oil for my face?

The Pericarp oil is 100% safe to use for your entire skin, both your face and body.

What is the best way to use Organic Cranberry Seed Oil?
  • Use by itself on face and body 
  • Mix with your favourite moisturiser for an extra boost 
  • Add at the end of your skincare routine to look in all the moisture 
  • Apply on dry spots. For example on your cuticles
  • Nourish your skin after shaving 


Is it safe for babies?

The Pericarp oil is 100% safe to use for your entire skin for baby's

Doesn't oil make my skin very greasy?

No, many people think that oil immediately gives you greasy or even blemished skin. And yes, there are many oils that have that effect, but that does not apply to the Pericarp’s products. An oil can be of added value for everyone, for both your face and your body.

Is it safe to use during pregnancy?

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Are the products 100% vegan?

Yes, the products are not tested on animals and are therefore 100% vegan. Our products are also organic. 

How long can I use a bottle of Pericarp Oil?

Of course it depends a bit on how you use the oil, but you can certainly apply it to your face and body for 3-6 months.

What is the color of Cranberry Seed Oil?

Cranberry Seed Oil is cold pressed out of the seeds that are located within a cranberry. This oil is yellow/green depending on the batch of oil the color can vary.

Where is Pericarp's Cranberry Seed Oil produced

Cranberry Seed Oil is cold pressed in Canada, then we bring it to the Netherlands to be packed into bottles. Currently this is the most sustainable way to produce our products. 

What are the ingredients of Pericarps Cranberry Seed Oil?

Our Oil is 100% Cranberry Seed Oil. Nothing is added, it is 100% of pure oil 

What are the ingredients of Pericarps Cranberry Seed Exfoliant powder?

Our exfoliant powder is 100% made of Organic cranberry seed powder

How to use the exfoliant powder?

You can mix our powder both with water or with cranberry seed oil. Water will give you more texture and oil will be even softer (especially nice for the lips)

What is the best way to incorporate the exfoliant into your skincare routine?

Best way to use our exfoliant powder is after a cleanser on clean skin.

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