Who reads an ingredient list these days before purchasing or using a skincare product? Few people do this because most consumers have no idea what all those terms mean. While our skin is our largest organ and also one of the most important of the human body. 

Pericarp beauty is a company specialized in making truly natural, pure and unprocessed skincare products. Our products are natural (no additives and extra unnecessary ingredients), organic (grown as naturally as possible) and vegan (not tested on animals).

It is also important to know where the ingredients come from. We therefore have traceability back to the farmers. So we know from which field the seeds of the cranberries that we use to press our oil and ultimately make our products come from.

Pericarp stands for the power of simplicity and quality:

  • One ingredient to add to your skincare routine
  • Safe to use for the whole family, from young to old.
  • Cranberry as the main ingredient 
  • One drop of Pericarp oil already has a great effect on your skin.

And an additional advantage: using one product is also efficient and easy. Add it to your current products or use it by itself, but with the power of simplicity. And while an oil may sound like it’s not for everyone, the opposite is true: an oil is for everyone and no, it won’t make you oily skin or blemished.

Pericarp means: fruit wall and layers. In the botanical world, it is what surrounds a seed or fruit that ensures safety and protection. And that is what Pericarp stands for: 100% safe, natural products that protect and nourish your skin.

About Fieke

As a little girl, Fieke Ford (1995) watched as her parents’ family business successfully put Canadian organic cranberry on the map in Europe. After she later gained years of experience as an account manager in both the food and skincare industry, Fieke decided one day to realize her own dream: to create a natural product line with that same magical berry. To create a product that she can use safely for herself and her children. Based on the motto less is more. As Fieke describes it: “It is my mission to ensure that the skin is nourished with unprocessed, pure ingredients.”

In 2018, Fieke visited the fields where the cranberries are grown and then she knew: yes, this must be the first product for Pericarp: a cranberry seed oil, a moisturizing oil for everyday use, which is also organic and 100% vegan. Besides cranberries, Fieke adores her husband and two children. She lives in Amsterdam and is involved on a daily basis with putting Pericarp’s mission into the world.